Domenico Bellissimo

Bellissimo Custom Guitar is situated in the Hills of Caledon, Ontario, Canada. The company’s workshop is a standalone building on a 1 acre residential property in the country. It is a small shop with 800 square feet, quite suitable for the purpose of building guitars. My former hobby was building myself a homebuilt aircraft, which I did.  Now the space has been converted to guitar manufacturing. Current capacity is 8- 10 guitars per year, by appointment. Your name will be added to the list until it is time to build your dream guitar.

Luthier Domenico’s History

All the creations in my shop are performed personally by myself. I select all the woods to purchase, and sometimes cut straight from an aged tree trunk, the customer selects the woods for his /her guitar. If you have ever “Dreamed” of owning a high-end handmade & perfectly sounding guitar; this is the shop that can make your dream come true. My skills started developing many years ago in the 80’s, when I delved into furniture making, then a wooden aircraft in the 90’s for personal use and then studying  with Sergei De Jonge, a Master Luthier in Chelsea, QC.  What an experience.  The course was one on one, and I thoroughly enjoyed learning with Sergei. Consequently, I think I had  his attention most of the time. I learned quite a lot under these circumstances. Sergei De Jonge himself studied with Larivee in the 70’s and also worked for Larivee for some time before going on his own. Of course everyone has heard or played a Larivee Guitar in Canada. Sadly a big loss for Canada, as Larivee has moved all his manufacturing operations to the L.A. area.

So why did I decide to become a Luthier? The answer is that I’ve always enjoyed working with my hands and with wood as my medium in creating something of interest. In the 80’s I was making bedroom and kitchen furniture. In the 90’s I completed a Pietenpol Aircamper aircraft that I can fly with one passenger. Of course the medium was wood ( Sitka Spruce), known for its strength to weight ratio. It’s the same reason  that, it is used for tops of guitars, not to mention the colorful tone it projects as a sound board. I have always enjoyed listening to the voicing of wooden instruments like violins, violas, mandolins and guitars. Therefore, since they are all made of wood, and since I had a working familiarity with the medium, why not turn to Luthierie. It’s an admiral profession, even if it is late in my life. At the time of retirement, I decided I wouldn’t retire, but embark on a new career working with my favorite medium “wood”.

I think the  slogan I came up with for my newly formed guitar company is fitting. It is: ” Ex Silva Ad Musica”, which is Latin for “From the Forest to Music”. It’s a magical thing to take a wood product, select it for its tonal quality and fashion an instrument to create beautiful listening pleasure to stimulate the mind. Can I take your order?

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